Saturday, August 23, 2008

Was I in petite Olympic ?

Last week I had the graduate student orientation program and a lot of events in University of Miami. It was quite an unique experience. In all of these activities I had the chance of meeting a lot of students from over 50 countries. It was a vast diverse community which consist of student's who are pursing studies to become film directors, actors, micro biologists, lawyers, singers, composers, doctors, business administrators, physicians, engineers, scientists, and many more. When we were travelling to University's president house, one of my newly formed friend from Cuba got a call and she said "I met a lot of interesting people from Sri Lanka, China, Russia,.." and the first response she got was, "Are you in Olympics ?". At that time it hit me that this is a form of Olympic, where students from all over the world try to excel themselves to become the pioneers in their respective areas. There are so many things to be explored and I am just started to do so.

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Unknown said...

I guess one of the major differences between Olympincs and grad studies is that, in Olympics you compete with each other. But in grad studies you won't do that, instead you compete with yourself as you will be the champion in your area.

Anyway, nice to hear from you. Hope your Cuban girl is doing fine too ;)