Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feliz 2009!

I wish everyone a happy, joyful and fruitful new year!

In Spanish feliz means happy. I was so fortunate and honored to spend the new year's eve with one of Spanish families' here in Miami. Trust me on this, Spanish people have mastered the art of partying!. I had the opportunity of learning some customs and traditions that revolve around Spanish way of celebrating the new year. We ate 12 grapes before midnight, a wish at every grape, last grape sharp at midnight, wishing all those wishes will come true in new year. The other tradition was, some people and including this family walked around the block with their traveling bags that they believed it will bring them enough wealth to travel around the world in 2009. In the midst of everything, I had a Salsa crash course, which made me moving to the beat. I was quite a fast learner!. The other great thing was I had the opportunity of experiencing authentic Spanish music where billa and kaparinya (if spellings is incorrect, please help me to correct it) inherited from. With my very limited Spanish understanding ability I manged to consume 1% of the conversation at the night. Rest, they were kind enough to translate it to me :-). This family treated me as their own and I felt that I was not alone in Miami after all!. I sincerly thank this wonderful family in bolttom of my heart for inviting me for such a wonderful occasion.

I am looking to 2009, excitements, challenges & everything, and with God grace I hope everything will be worked out fine for everyone in new year and the rest of the years to come!