Friday, June 26, 2009

PHP 5 on Tomcat

Recently I came across this article on configuring Tomcat (>= 5) to interpret PHP 5 scripts. This is developed by Quercus. There is an open source version with GPL license. (oh no!).

Anyways, one can configure Tomcat to work with PHP in 30 seconds and it is quite interesting. There are three jars associated with this task, quercus.jar, resin-util.jar, and script10.jar.

Well these jars are not OSGi compatible. It is simple to convert these to OSGi bundles and I am really looking forward to see how these behave in Equinox. You can have servlets, jsp, etc plus php in one container. Owesome!.


Unknown said...

Quercus is awesome. Thanks for posting this. You are now my favorite blogger!!

Clarence Liu said...

If you use Tomcat and want to side-step Caucho/Resin try:

It's a proper way to integrate php and tomcat

Stephenwilliams said...

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Anonymous said...

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